predict spectra using photometry

The SDSS spectra can be thought of as "labels" for objects detected in the imaging, each of which has ugriz photometry and some shape and position parameters. Can we train a model with this enormous amount of data to predict the spectra using the photometry? One thing that says "yes" is that photometric redshifts (for galaxies and quasars), photometric distances (for stars), and photometric temperatures and metallicities (for stars) all work well. One thing that says "no" is that there is far more information (in a technical sense) in the spectra than in the photometry. All this said, it is an absolutely great "Data Science" demonstration project, and it might create some new ideas for LSST-era astrophysics projects. In principle, it will also get us predictions about the spectral types and redshifts of many objects that lack spectra!

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  1. Asensio Ramos points me to this paper, which is VERY RELEVANT http://adsabs.harvard.edu/abs/2010ApJ...719.1759A